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Learn more about the Offer

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The industry of Arash Production Group was established in 1376 and with a 20-year experience in the production of furniture, chairs and desks by Mr. Jahanbakhsh Jahanvanab and began its activities. After acquiring a lot of success in the field of production and supply of products in the field of education and dining, the company has established its second brand as “offer” for the production of household furniture, tables and modern chairs.
From the beginning of the establishment brand, we succeeded in observing the standard principles in the production and respect of the customer, as well as the proper support of the products produced, to attract consumer satisfaction and become a lasting brand. The vision of this collection is to provide a wide range of products in a factory with an area of 5000 square meters and advanced equipment of production and transportation, in the country, within 48 hours, and pave the way for exporting goods to neighboring countries.
We have a lasting name in the furniture industry, and we will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable purchase in the minds of our customers.

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